Inside People


SCMC has always believed in delivering quality education & providing industry exposure to the students.  Our expert faculty consists of industry professionals who share their insightful knowledge & real-life experiences with students.


  • Anupam Siddhartha

    Director & Associate Professor

    Qualification: BA, MA

     Description: Faculty for film and television; teaching experience of 19.8 years industry experience of  7 years.

  • Snehal Galande

    Assistant Professor

    Qualification: NET, MBA, B.Sc.

     Description:Faculty for marketing; teaching experience 5 years; industry experience 0 years.

  • Amitabh Dasgupta

    Adjunct Faculty (full time)

    Qualification: BA, B Mass Comm

     Description: Faculty for journalism; teaching experience 6.8 years; industry experience 20.4 years.

  • Kavitha Iyer

    Adjunct Faculty

    Qualification: BBA, MBA

     Description: Faculty for advertising; teaching experience 6 years; industry experience 8 years.

  • Sagar Kamath

    Adjunct Faculty

    Qualification: MA, MBA

     Description: Faculty for history; teaching experience 1.7 years; industry experience 5.7 years.

  • Chandrashekhar Sagade

    Adjunct Faculty

    Qualification: B.Sc., PG Dip in Comm Mgmt., Dip in Audiography

     Description: Faculty for film and television. teaching experience 3 years industry experience 7 years.

  • Suhas J. Gatne

    Adjunct Faculty

    Qualification:B.Sc., Dip. in Video Camera Operations & Lighting

     Description: Faculty for photography; teaching experience 6.2 years; industry experience 15 years

  • Jaideep D Kumar

    Adjunct Faculty

    Qualification: B.Sc. (Electronics)

     Description:Faculty for design technology; teaching experience 3 years; industry experience 6 years.

  • Vidyabhushan Arya

    Teaching Associate

    Qualification: M C&J, BMC., M.A., B.A

     Description:Faculty for journalism; teaching experience 5.3 years; industry experience 6 years.

  • Ananya Mehta

    Teaching Associate

    Qualification: MCS, B.Com

     Description: Faculty for public relations; teaching experience 7 years; industry experience 1.3 years.

  • Chandrashekhar M. M,


    Qualification: SSLC, ITI Multimedia (CDAC) instructor for electronic cinematography

     Description: Teaching experience 5.6 years; industry experience 34 years.

  • Vijay Shelar


    Qualification:B.F.A. Applied Art (Photography), G.D. Art in Applied Art; instructor photography

     Description: Teaching experience 3.1 years; industry experience 1 year.

  • Kalyan Shitre


    Qualification: B.SC, CCNS-TT; faculty for video editing

     Description:Teaching experience 0 years; industry experience 6 years.