Inside Hall of Fame

Co / Extra-curricular

  • Following students participated in The East Side Story (TESS),a students' video film festival, organised by SCMC in association with MOFILM and won third position in the ad film category. Following are the students and their roles. The ad also reached semi-final stage in the MOFILM Taj Mahal Competition 2012.

    Akruti Patel -Director
    Pransu Binay Kumar -Editor
    Amey Ghule - Sound Designer
    Vedansh Pandey - Colorist
    Gautami Srivastava - Voice over artist 1 &
    Abhinandan Sridhar - Voice over artist 2

  • Gunjan Menon

    Scripted, conceptualised & edited a short three-minute film (Rhino Reintegration Project) for the Wildlife Trust of India. The same was screened at the 11th Conference of Parties of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) on October 12, 2012 in Hyderabad to showcase 'wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and welfare as an essential wildlife conservation tool'. These screenings were hosted by Dr N V K Ashraf, Chief Veterinarian of WTI. The conference was attended by delegates including senior government officials, diplomats, representatives of the UN, national and international NGOs and academia from 193 countries.

  • Sarjana Singh

    Bagged the second Place (Overall) in Malhar (St Xavier's, Mumbai) for Bollywood Solo Singing as well as the second Place (Outstation) in Kaleidoscope (Sophia College, Mumbai) for English Solo Singing.

  • Rachit Lakhmani

    Invited to perform for the honourable Singer-Songwriter Night at Bluefrog, Mumbai held in April 2012. The same comprised the best young music talent from across the country.

  • Akash Sharma

    Interned with an organisation called Paschim Banga Khet Majdoor Samity led by Ms Anuradha Talwar & Swapan Ganguly during Nov-Dec, 2012. Since the Panchayat elections were around the corner, they were asked to make a documentary on the Gram Panchayat System travelling across the villages of Bengal highlighting various problems like NREGA, PDS, pension, gram sabha etc. (basically everything that affects the common man there). The main aim of the documentary was to provide solutions and reforms like having a non-party panchayat, right to recall / reject, four-tier decentralised panchayat, and more independence to the Gram Panchayat itself. Akash was entrusted with the task of making the said film.
    He also directed a short film (Azaad?) screened at TESS.

  • Siddhant Paul

    SIU swimming champion

  • Aprajita Sharma

    Member of the SIU Basketball team as well as the SIU swimming team.

  • Teenasai Balamu

    Member of the SIU Basketball team.