Inside Academics


Courses in General Communication include  : Communication Theories, Social Change Communication, Media Research Methodology and Development Communication.

Courses in Journalism include  : News Media, News Reporting, Editing, Feature Writing, Television News, Specialised Reporting, Business Journalism, Layout & Design for Print Publications, Journalism in Hindi, Television News Production, International Communication & Global Media Systems, Media Laws & Ethics, Trends in News Agency & Magazine Reporting, Development & Civic Journalism, News Room Production and Cyber Media.

Courses in Film & Television include  : Aesthetics & Visual Communication, Photography, Audio-Visual Communication, Broadcast & Unconventional Media, Camera & Lighting, Post Production, Audiography & Music, Storytelling, Scenic Design, Production Management, Electronic Media Production, Advertising Filmmaking, Non-fiction Filmmaking, Television Channel Management & Programming, Evolving Media Technologies, Scripting, Direction and Graduate Film.

Courses in General Management include  : Business Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Behaviour, Statistics, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Business Policy & Corporate Strategy, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Research, Rural Marketing, Global Environmental Challenges, Corporate Governance & Ethics, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and Retail Marketing.

Courses in Advertising include  : Advertising Management, Integrated Marketing Communication, Media Planning, Advertising Creative & Copywriting, Advertising Strategy, Campaign Planning & Production and Social Media Communication.

Courses in Public Relations include  : Public Relations, Event Management and Corporate Communication

Courses in Humanities & Social Sciences include  : Language Skills, Business Communication, Literature, Creative Writing, Theatre, History, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Culture Studies, International Relations, History of Cinema and Film Appreciation.

Courses in Information Technology include  : Business Automation Tools, Design Tools and Web Design.

Courses in Design include  : Visual Identity Design, Packaging Design & Printing Technology and Animation.