Inside Activities


Maadhyam – Literally a medium of expression is our Centre’s inter-batch literary & debate contest. It includes numerous events such as Spoken Word Poetry, JUST.A.MINUTE, Shipwreck, Pick your Teacher Debate, The Chain Reaction Debate, etc, that test a participant's wit, public speaking skills and literary prowess.Maadhyam celebrates the world of words, wisdom, speech & creativity, where many express their talent with pride & gusto while others watch in awe as masters of words & wit exhibit their magic.

Paparazzi – a Photography exhibition, held to showcase the creative works of the young photographers who toil to bring out the best expressions from day to day life.

Vaividhya – An intra-college cultural competition and festival organised by the Culture Club. Vaividhya, literally diversity, celebrates the cultural diversity of SCMC. The competitions range from solo singing, duet singing to solo and group dance and even skits. Following the motto of Symbiosis, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the competition also has a folk dance entry that caters to and makes students open up to the various national and international ethnicities. The festival fixates on cultural activities, an integral part of the media. It provides an unmatched for platform for the students and also helps bridge the three batches together.

Dionysia – a Theatre Festival celebrating and nurturing young performers as well as those who help them in organising the same. The fest helps build skills in every area of theatre performance and production.

In True Spirit (ITS) – ITS is SCMC’s very own sports event. This three day event witnesses all the three batches fighting tooth and nail to prove their prowess at sports and athletic fitness. It’s an event that brings out the collective team spirit of all the three batches. Covering almost all major sporting events like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Sprints and Relay Races and so on. This phase of the semester reeks of competitiveness and physical endurance - but all this, in its true spirit.

The East Side Story (TESS) – With TESS, SCMC provides independent filmmakers withplatform to showcase their work, a forum to discuss its nuances and a medium to inspire a large number of film enthusiasts. During TESS, the participants and ambitious audience is joined by established professionals from the industry, like-minded peers and a variety of young, media students on this journey that will take them through the excellence of new-age cinema. Judged by veterans from the industry, the festival enjoys a large number of participation for the Short Film & Television Commercial (TVC) competition and seeks to leave an impression on true curators of good cinema.

DZMA – India’s first design and media festival jointly organised by SCMC and Symbiosis Institute of Design. This radically new festival combines the best of the design and media worlds in five days of workshops, competitions, performances and a whole lot of fun, The fest serves as an opportunity for students from across India to explore, learn and showcase their talents in a dynamic professional atmosphere.