Inside SCMC

Social Initiatives

A major part of the training at SCMC is devoted to inculcate empathy towards the masses
amongst future mass communicators. To orient our students towards the same, eminent speakers
are regularly invited to give inputs in various aspects of social change & development
communication like history of activism; concept of development; human rights; role of media as
tools to advocate social change; inequalities of gender; inequalities of income & livelihoods;
inequalities of caste / religion; agrarian crisis & food security; state of our public health care
system; persistent & new environmental issues in a globalising world; etc.

Furthermore, students undertake three internships in the development sector. The same results in
a collective volunteering of over 80,000 hours.

Students have interned at about 150 organisations (both International & Indian including Manzil,
UAE, Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, UAE, Beyond Social Services,
Singapore, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bangkok, Thailand,
Emmaus, Paris, France, K9 friends, Dubai, UAE, Dar Al Atta'a, Muscat, Oman, Environment
Society Of Oman,  Muscat, Oman, Casa circondariale Canton Mombello, Brescia, Italy, CRY,
UNICEF, Red Cross Society, WWF, Make A Wish Foundation, The Corbett Foundation, Help
Age India, PFA (Smt. Maneka Gandhi's People for Animals), CEE (Centre for Environment
Education), SAVE (Social Awareness & Voluntary Education) & Transparency International

Apart from this students also participate in activities like River Cleaning, Tree Plantation, Blood
Donation, etc.