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SCMC Studio
The Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC) is proud to offer a state-of-the-art production studio as part of its comprehensive infrastructure. This facility is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in the production of various media formats, including television, film, and digital content.

The production studio is equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, including:

Multi-camera setup: The studio features a multi-camera setup, allowing students to learn and practice various camera angles and techniques.

High-definition cameras: The studio is equipped with high-definition cameras, ensuring that students can produce high-quality content.

Lighting and sound systems: The studio has a comprehensive lighting and sound system, enabling students to experiment with different lighting and sound effects.

Editing suites: The studio has multiple editing suites, where students can learn and practice video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Post-production facilities: The studio offers post-production facilities, including audio and video editing software, color grading tools, and visual effects software.


The production studio at SCMC offers a range of features that enhance the learning experience for students, including:

Flexible layout: The studio has a flexible layout, allowing students to experiment with different set designs and configurations.

Professional equipment: The studio is equipped with professional-grade equipment, ensuring that students are exposed to industry-standard tools and techniques.

Expert guidance: The studio is supervised by experienced faculty members who provide guidance and mentorship to students throughout their projects.

Collaborative environment: The studio fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging students to work together on projects and share ideas.

Projects and Activities

Student projects: Students use the studio to work on their projects, which can range from short films to documentaries to music videos.

Workshops and masterclasses: The studio hosts workshops and masterclasses, where industry professionals share their expertise and provides hands-on training to students.

Industry collaborations: The studio collaborates with industry partners to provide students with real-world experience and exposure to professional production environments.

The production studio at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMC) is a valuable resource for students, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the media industry. With its cutting-edge technology, professional equipment, and expert guidance, the studio offers a unique learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

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