Study Tours & Field Trips

SCMC takes learning beyond desks and chairs and enables the student to venture out for various field visits and educational tours. The places for these visits are planned at the beginning of every academic semester and the visits are scheduled to be interspersed between the academic days.

The Study Tours involve outbound trips for more than a night. During the course of these tours, students are encouraged to imbibe skills and build camaraderie with their batch mates through shared learning.

The inaugural study tour for SCMC students is a trip to Asia Plateau at Panchgani where they get an opportunity to learn effective living and leadership in hands of seasoned trainers.

The Field Trips or shorter duration are staggered across the semesters and provide our students with a variety of real life experiences not just in media and communication, but other spheres such as art, culture, history, wildlife & environment, science and technology, agriculture, manufacturing and more.

At SCMC field trips are a key part of the media learning experience and our students, depending on their fields of specialization, go to film and recording studios, programme production locations, visit printing presses, TV and Radio stations, packaging and processing centres and rural markets, and go on photography tours.

The Centre organizes at least one such trip, often more, for each batch each semester.

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