Events Calendar – 2022-2023
Faculty Development Programme
24th to 28th June 2024
Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is awarded .....
24th April 2024
ARRI Camera Workshop
12th March 2024
Batch'24 Farewell
16th February 2024
SCMC West Side Story Musical
10th February 2024
Creaticon'24: Crux of Entrepreneurship
2nd and 3rd February 2024
Symbiosis Film Festival
27 th and 28 th January 2024
SCMC Pramana 2024
19 th and 20 th January 2024
14 th and 15 th September 2023
7th September 2023
6th September 2023
Common Induction Program for students of Vimannagar Campus
4 th September 2023
Aagaz Photography Exhibition
19th August 2023
Jazz Lec Dem by Mitali Chinmulgundi
8th August 2023
Ice Breakers
31st July 2023
SCMC All stars Cricket Match
19th April 2023
Orientation for Batch 2023-2027
22nd July 2023
Reporting day for Batch 2023-2027
20th and 21st July 2023
Lec-dem: Joydeep Mukherjee
18th April 2023
Batch'23 Farewell
17th April 2023
8th April 2023
4th-5 th April 2023
27th-31st March 2023
Creaticon - PR Fest
17th- 18 th March 2023
Industry Interaction: Swapnil Bangali on Copyright and IPR
6th March 2023
Industry Interaction: Sarabpreet Bedi
5th March 2023
Live Election coverage
2nd March 2023
RUSH - Inter College Sports Fest
16th- 18 th February 2023
RUSH - Inter College Sports Fest
13th February 2023
Raahi Theatre Workshop
11th- 12 th February 2023
Lecture Demonstration - Argentine Tango
06th February 2023
10th December 2022
Valedictory Ceremony Batch 2022
09th December 2022
Lec Dem - Theatre
23rd November 2022
21st November 2022
15th November 2022
Crux of Entrepreneurship
26th September 2022
Lec Dem Contemporary Dance
16th September 2022
Ice Breakers for Batch 2025
10th September 2022
Orientation Programme for Batch 2022-25
5th- 7th September 2022
Photography Exhibition
30th August 2022
SCMC Premiere
18th May 2022
17th May 2022
Crux of Entrepreneurship Event
15th May 2022
13th-14th May 2022
Alumni Achievers' Conference
11th May 2022
09th May 2022
A PR Event
In True Spirit
28th- 30th April 2022
An inter batch sports competition
Cinema Day
27th April 2022
Students v/s Staff Cricket Match
21th April 2022
25th March 2022
An inter-batch Cultural Fest
16th March 2022
An inter-batch Literary Fest
Lecture Demonstration
12th March 2022
Ms Shumita Mahajan
Matrabhasha Diwas
21th February 2021
Matrabhasha Diwas
21th February 2021
13th- 24th December 2021
An Inter-college Cultural Fest
SCMC Perspectives
04th December 2021
Dr Sudhamshu Dahal
08th- 14th November 2021
Inter batch debate competition
Lec Dem
23rd October 2021
Carnatic Music
SCMC Pramana
09th October 2021
SCMC's First Research Conference
SLec Dem
18th October 2021
Storytelling in Dance Performance
Orientation of Batch 2021-24
15th Sept-1st Oct 2021
SCMC Perspectives
10th June 2021
Mr. Vikram Bawa
SCMC Perspectives
03rd June 2021
Rohena Gera
SCMC Webinar with Director, SCMC and team
31st May 2021
'You and the New Age Media'
29th May 2021
A digital event organised by PR students of Batch 2021
Lec Dem
12th May 2021
Sufi Rock band - The Rudraksh
17th March 2021
A short film festival organised by the students of Batch 21
Guest Lecture
3rd & 5thMarch 2021
Mr. Smith Mehta
SCMC Perspectives
16thJan 2021
Valedictory Ceremony Batch 2020
SCMC Perspectives
Dr. Raju Roychowdhury
SCMC Perspectives
Mr. Shoaib Daniyal
SCMC Perspectives
Dr. Natawan Wangchalard
SCMC Perspectives
Mr. Mayukh Ghosh
SCMC Perspectives
Ms. Kalpana Champawat
SCMC Perspectives
Mr. Narhari KS
Symbiosis Lit Fest
17th-18th October
Vigyap League Round 2
1st-30th October
Human Centred Design Thinking and Media
7th October
Dr. Monica Nandan
Vigyap League
1st -30th September
SCMC's Advertising Specialization Initiative
7th -13th September
An Online Intra-College Cultural Festival
Induction and Orientation
1st -14th August
Batch 2020-23
Battle of the Batches
20th July
An inter-batch debate competition
24th July
Hindustani Classical Music
27th July
The Art of writing for Stand-Up Comedy
Farewell Batch 2020
31st March
Memories, joy and hopes run high as Batch 2020 says goodbye to SCMC after three years
20th & 21st March
A two-day collaborative convention for creators to showcase their creative and photography skills, organised by the Comm. Management students of Batch 2021
Cinema Day
18th March
Our fun-filled, colourful, vibrant fest for all things filmy
Guest Session - Fiero Fernandes, Madison PR
06th March
Fiero is a marketing & communication professional with 13 years of experience across a broad range of marketing functions. He will interact with students of AD and PR specialisations.
Guest Session - Ali Abbas, Greenpeace India
04th March
Ali has years of experience with Greenpeace tackling issues related to environment. He will speak to first year students about air pollution, challenges and solutions.
Symcalico 2020
22nd Feb
Our annual alumni meet is going to be a bigger, better and completely different affair this year. Lots of fun and memories to share!
1st & 15th Feb
Anukram is a value-add media seminar series featuring leading industry professionals in the four streams of specialisations at SCMC – Journalism and Audio-visual Production and Advertising and Public Relations. This year we have a very exciting line-up of guests. Announcements coming soon.
Guest Session – Manisha Bhati, Co-founder, Dreamhunt India
31st Jan
Manisha quit her analyst job in one of the world’s top investment banks to start her own training company. Today she is a sought-after motivational speaker, trainer and confidence coach. She will talk to the students about her entrepreneurial journey.
In True Spirits 2020
25th Jan
In True Spirits is SCMC’s annual sports meet. Students from the three batches compete in various categories. The overall winners are declared ITS champions. Batch 2020 is looking for a championship hat-trick this year!
Guest Session – Anikait Chakraborty, Spunkads Media
25th Jan
Anikait Chakraborty, Media Buyer at Spunkads Media, will speak about Performance and Affiliate Marketing. An alumnus of SCMC, Anikair is also the Co-Founder of Practical Dreams, a company specializing in handcrafted gifts. He will share his startup experience with the students.
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