Inside Activities


The clubs go a long way in bringing out the best in the students, as they take a break from studies and take part in various other activities. An SCMC student is spoiled with choices as far as the clubs are concerned, some of them being: Print & Cyber, Photography, Radio, Film, Advertising, Public Relations, Events, Culture, Theatre, etc.

  • Print and Cyber Club

    Print And Cyber Club

    Sticking to the model of convergence, the print world and the cyber world come together. With both a paper version and an online version, the journalists are in full flow with no event or fact going unnoticed. It also provides the perfect learning ground for future journalists to hone their skills and prepare themselves.

  • Photography Club

    Photography Club

    The shutterbugs are on the loose. The Photography club is all over the campus with no corner and no camera technique left untouched. The city of Pune offers the perfect environment for the Club to take the best of photographs. From advanced learning sessions to actual practical units, the club is always active and clicking away.

  • Radio Club

    Radio Club

    The primary function of the club is to produce the hourly show Symbi FM broadcast over Radio One. Apart from that it is planning to set up Campus Radio in the Viman Nagar campus. The club is also working on an online version.

  • Film & Television Club

    Film & Television Club

    The curtain never closes on the Film & Television Club at campus. With constant screenings, discussions, workshops and active participation in filmmaking the members of this club are always active. The Film & Television Club also sends student entries to various fests and award ceremonies to contend for top honours.

  • Ad & Design Club

    Ad & Design Club

    Ideas galore. That’s what the Ad & Design Club at SCMC exemplifies. With budding copywriters and graphic designers all coming together under one name, the club performs various activities like Brand quizzes, discussions, brainstorming sessions and many more such related tasks. The club simulates the industry atmosphere and prepares the students to enter the field and ease right in.