SCMC Pune Academic Infrastructure
Academic Infrastructure
SCMC is housed in an award-winning building in the Viman Nagar Campus of Symbiosis International University in Pune. Located close to the airport in a place buzzing with life and activity, it offers undergraduate students the dual advantage of a tranquil learning environment nestled in an area that has all amenities and conveniences of a modern city, away from the chaos.
Seminar Halls
These host regular lectures, demonstration classes and examinations and are provided with overhead LCD projectors and public-address systems.
Screening Rooms
For lectures and AV screenings, these are acoustically sealed, split air-conditioned mini-auditoriums with wall-to-wall carpeting and provided with overhead LCD projection systems and Dolby / DTS 7.1 surround sound systems.
Shooting Floor
The shooting floor along with a Production Control Room (PCR) is acoustically sealed and air- conditioned. It is equipped with lighting equipment including Canara overhead moveable lighting grid with cool flood lights, spotlights, Kino lights, shadow casters & light meters. It has multiple digital cameras (Panasonic DVX102, Panasonic AG-AF100 & Canon 5D Mark III with lenses). It also has a Teleprompter for news reading, apart from a multi-channel digital audio mixer.
Post-Production Suite & Laboratory
These consist of four air-conditioned cubicles as well as a post-production laboratory equipped with non- linear edit systems to provide professional level post-production facilities. There are four MacPro machines with FCP and 10 iMac machines with Adobe Premiere CS5. Additional software includes Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop & FCE.
Sound Recording Suite
The air-conditioned and acoustically balanced practical-demo suite has an industry-standard multi-track sound recording and reproduction set-up. It is equipped with audio mixing consoles like Yamaha MG166cx, Xenyx 802, Yamaha MG82cx & Eurorack UB880. The suite also has a pair of powered audio monitors - Yamaha HS80M and two pairs of Yamaha MSP3. Nuendo 5 is the preferred audio software used to record and reproduce recorded audio files here.
Photography Studio
The air-conditioned photography studio combines both manual and digital facilities. It has the latest SLR & DSLR cameras with all types of professional lenses, tripods & other accessories. The studio is equipped with professional studio lights, light meters and other essential lighting equipment apart from a motorised backdrop changer. It also has an iMac with the latest photo editing software for digital imagery.
Computer Laboratory
The air-conditioned computer laboratory has 39 terminals and an overhead LCD projector. The laboratory is fully networked and provides high-speed broadband connectivity, with power back-up. A variety of Publishing, Post Production and Design Technology software are available. The entire SCMC campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All desktops and servers are fully protected with up-to-date anti-virus software.
The library and has a well-stocked collection of books, covering a broad range of technical and non-technical subjects pertaining to mass media and communication management. We subscribe to a wide assortment of national and international newspapers, magazines and journals, and other publications. The students also have access to two online databases – TVAD Index and United News of India.

9 am – 7.45 pm (Monday-Friday)
9 am – 5 pm (Saturday)
Audio-Visual Library
The audio-visual library has a comprehensive collection of Indian and foreign classic films, documentaries, radio and television programmes in English, Hindi and other Foreign / Regional languages.
9 am – 7.45 pm (Monday-Friday)
9 am – 5 pm (Saturday)
All students of SCMC have access to the SIU Library Portal through which they can access an huge collection for e-books, magazine and journals for research and academic purposes.
Journalism Newsroom & Digital Marketing Lab
The Journalism Newsroom Lab is a dedicated facility for all kinds of news production — print, broadcast and digital. We have computers equipped with the latest software as well as broadcast news post production facilities.

The Digital Marketing Lab is intended to provide students the experience of using industry related software in advertising and public relations and help them to hone their skills in broader areas such as creating content, blogging, designing, media monitoring, branding strategies.
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