Inside Media Center

Take a look at what some of the faculty members have to say about their teaching experience at SCMC.
  • Alok Oak

    Visiting Faculty for Political Science and International Studies (SSLA)

    Ideally an educational institute should provide a good education to the students, provide them with uptodate knowledge in the subjects to be studied, discipline them in matters of morality and respect and generate curiosity amongst the students towards the subject(s) and make them able enough to face the world. This is the standard expectation from any education-imparting institution and SCMC is no exception to it. While happily acknowledging that SCMC has managed to fulfill all these criterias as a part of their functioning, SCMC I believe provides two additional supplementary opportunities. These being an extremely student- teacher friendly environment which easily crosses the threshhold of the classroom. Secondly, SCMC provides the students with all the required 'freedom' of work and studies which is a rarity in educational field today. By introducing myriad subjects to the students at the UG level SCMC is making an extra effort in equipping the students to be professionally successful in life. Lastly, by locating itself on the outskirts of Pune, the students are spared the cumbersome city-life, and allowed to remain in a space, exclusively reserved to take care of their demands and needs.

  • Ajit Duara

    Film critic, Scriptwriter and teacher of Film Studies.

    For visiting faculty like myself, SCMC offers a lot of flexibility in terms of updating my teaching material according to the changes taking place in the industry. Since topicality of subject and style is crucial to AV students, the academic structure here gives me leeway to design classes with contemporary requirements in mind.

  • Ramesh Menon

    Author, freelance journalist, documentary film maker and corporate trainer.

    What makes SCMC stand out is its broad based syllabus that is contemporary with a heavy accent on practical work. So apart from dabbling in theory, students have the advantage of pro-active learning. This helps them when they get out into the media industry and have an edge over others. The institute also gets in faculty from the industry with many years of experience to share the realities of the job, how to get things done and how to stand out in their search for excellence. The seminars, workshops and special lectures by eminent personalities who are icons in their fields also help students open their minds and look at new perspectives. The varied cultural activities expose students to the idea of India that is so rich and colourful. It is a joy to see the alumni do well and shine in the increasingly competitive world of Indian media.

  • Mr. Ankit Desai

    Media Manager - Marico Ltd.

    ‘SCMC in a line for me is 'a fantastic school for students who want to prepare a sound foundation before they take a plunge into the media industry'.

    I have been fortunate to get an opportunity to teach and interact with the students here and I must say working with SCMC students has been fantastic.  They are excited, interested, curious and engaged – and their passion for media is infectious.

    It is fun to teach students with such diverse backgrounds and experiences and who are so active and engaged. It is this diversity and intercultural exchange which really contributes to this programme and results in challenging debates, new perspectives and the need to reconsider ones’ own set of beliefs.

    The interest as well as knowledge levels displayed by the students are almost akin to an adrenaline rush for a professional looking to share his knowledge with future entrants to the industry.

  • Shabnam Asthana

    Director - Empowered Solutions
    Director - PR & Marketing (Global Operations) - IND TV USA Corporation, Milpitas California .

    ‘It is always a great pleasure to be associated with the Symbiosis UG campus. During my interactions with the PR students,  what has stood out is their passion for the profession and their  innovative thinking. Symbiosis provides an ideal  springboard for their excellence!’