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How can a BBA degree benefit your career in the advertising industry?

Have you ever noticed how almost everyone around you is glued to their phones, exploring different online platforms instead of flipping through newspapers or checking out flyers? It's a digital era, and how we market has undergone a massive modification.

What if we lived in a world where people are not just open to trying new products but are actively seeking out what suits them best? The game-changer? Social media. It's where influence happens, trends are set, and decisions are made.

Enter a specialized BBA programme designed to be your key to opening exciting opportunities in the digital marketing sector, confidently honing your skills to guide the digital landscape and mastering the art of connecting with your audience on platforms that matter.

This BBA programme is your ticket to changing your passion for the online world into a powerful career. Seize the opportunity and let's embark on this journey together!

The spotlight shines on the BBA in Advertising within our programme, offering an encompassing grasp of marketing principles. Delve into the lively realm of consumer behavior, market research, and strategic advertising techniques, setting the stage for success in the ever-evolving marketing industry landscape. The aspirant can explore this pathway to knowledge and skill acquisition, where each lesson becomes a stepping stone in the dynamic field of advertising.

Overview of BBA in Advertising:

To achieve excellence, a BBA in Advertising provides a complete understanding of marketing principles and practices. Students learn about Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Advertising and Promotion, Sales Management, Brand Management, and more through a well-crafted curriculum.

SCMC Pune, recognized as the best institute for mass communication in India, goes beyond the conventional by integrating practical training. Internships, case studies, and projects offer hands-on experiences, allowing students to navigate the real-world dynamics of advertising.

Why Choose BBA in Advertising?

Ample Career Opportunities:
BBA students can dive into a world of possibilities with a BBA in Advertising, opening doors to diverse careers in advertising, brand management, sales, and market research. The high demand for marketing professionals in various industries makes this programme a strategic choice.

Constant Evolution:
In the increasing demand for advertising, continuous learning is a given. The BBA in Media Management student at SCMC evolves with new technologies and trends. A BBA in Advertising ensures they are always at the forefront of industry advancements.

Advertising is a versatile field, and a BBA in Advertising equips SCMC students with a broad understanding of marketing principles. This flexibility allows for seamless adaptation to new opportunities within the advertising world.

Career Opportunities After BBA in Advertising:

  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Advertising executive
  • HR Assistant
  • Social media Manager
  • Account Manager

Personal and Professional Growth:
Advertising is a compelling voyage that allows for an individual's personal and professional growth. Advertising has it all: be creative, think outside the box, and make a tangible impact on a company's success. Students at SCMC learn the different forms of advertising, whether in the creative field or have a detailed discussion and planning strategies for the campaign.

Benefits of BBA with SCMC Pune

BBA and Career Readiness:
A BBA programme sets the stage for a successful career by delivering a strong foundation in business principles and practices. SCMC's BBA in Advertising ensures you are well-prepared for diverse opportunities.

Leadership Skills:
SCMC integrates leadership and management courses into the programme, cultivating the skills necessary to lead and manage teams effectively.

Problem-solving Skills:

Courses on data analysis, problem identification, and solution development equip you with invaluable skills applicable across industries.

Networking Opportunities:
SCMC's BBA in branding and advertising programme opens doors to networking with peers, professors, and industry professionals, fostering connections that can benefit the student's career and making them know what is in the advertising field before entering it.

Entrepreneurship Skills:
The students can explore entrepreneurship and small business management, gaining the skills to start their ventures in the dynamic advertising landscape. BBA in Advertising at SCMC Pune is a strategic investment in a future-proof career. With a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experiences, and a focus on developing essential skills, this programme sets the stage for personal and professional success.

SCMC Pune's Innovative BBA (Media Management) Programme

Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP), SCMC offers a four-year BBA (Media Management) programme, providing multiple entry and exit options. This full-time programme, revised from 2023-24, spans eight semesters and incorporates theoretical lectures, practical sessions, tutorials, projects, and internships.

Programme Highlights at SCMC Pune

Versatile Programme Framework:
The programme allows exciting options to pursue one major and three minors, providing a multidisciplinary approach to education.

Immersive Learning and Research:
SCMC's BBA (Media Management) programme offers a perfect blend of immersive learning, research opportunities, and community engagement.

Global Exposure:
Semester exchange programmes with foreign universities enhance global perspectives, enriching the learning experience.

SCMC Pune's Vibrant Campus Culture

With a vibrant college and campus culture, SCMC Pune promotes sports, cultural events, clubs, and association activities. These initiatives cultivate leadership, camaraderie, and a competitive spirit.

Programme Outcomes: SCMC's BBA (Media Management)

Upon completing the programme, students should:

  1. Theoretical & Historical Perspectives: Understand and apply communication concepts, theories, and skills while demonstrating an understanding of media content evolution.
  2. Effective Communication: Write correctly and clearly execute tasks in forms and styles appropriate for various professions and target audiences. Apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations.

Majors & Minors at SCMC

The Major and Minors at SCMC focuses on exploration into specific professional areas that align with your career aspirations.

These unique minors at BBA Media Management allow pathways that customize your academic journey based on your interests and career objectives.

BBA Media Entrepreneurship Minor

The BBA Media Entrepreneurship minor at SCMC teaches students about the thriving world of the media industry and equips them with the essential skills needed for success. The students will interact with industry leaders as knowledge partners, drawing from their experiences to explore lucrative opportunities in the media business. The program blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights through cross-country case studies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic media landscape.

BBA Public Relations and Corporate Communications Minor:

The Public Relations and Corporate Communications minor at SCMC will highlight the benefits of building trust through objective messaging, amplifying reach across diverse media outlets, and comparing the cost-effectiveness of PR initiatives to traditional advertising. The minor specialization teaches the art of persuasion and strategic communication as the students delve into this field, understanding their power to shape positive perceptions.

BBA Digital Marketing and Advertising Management Minor:

The Digital Marketing and Advertising Management minor at SCMC offers a comprehensive exploration of the digital domain, emphasizing digital campaigns' cost-effectiveness and precision targeting. Delve into brand development strategies, foster greater engagement and achieve an increased return on investment. The specialization's focus on global reach, improved conversion rates, and customer interaction ensures the students are well-versed in the latest trends and strategies shaping the digital marketing landscape.

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