SCMC Pune - Library
Library Committee Members
Sr. No. Library Committee Constitution Name(s)
1 Chairperson (Director of the Institute/Head of the Department) Dr.Sreeram Gopalkrishnan, Director-SCMC
2 Invitee-Advisor from SIU Central Library Dr.Sangeeta paliwal, Librarian-SIU
3 Deputy Director of the Institute(Member) Dr. Liji Ravindran, Deputy Director-SCMC
4 Faculty Library In-Charge (Member) Dr. Baidurya Chakrabarti( Asst.Prof)
5 Faculty members nominated by the Director/Head of the Constituent(Members) Dr. Aviini Ashikho (Asst. Prof)
Mx. Supriti Malhotra (Asst. Prof)
6 Administrative officer/Asst.AO/OS of the Constituent (Member) Ms.Megha Maske (Administrative Officer)
7 Two Students Representatives nominated by Director/Head of the Constituent (Members) 1) Mr.Atharv Rajeev Unhale
2) Ms.Chitra Raj
8 Library In-Charge of the Constituent (Member Secretary) Mr.Gangaram Mate (Library In charge)
9 Library Assistants (Members) Mr.Bharat Jadhav (Library Assistant)
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